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If cataracts have become a hinderance to your daily routine and your ability to live a normal, independent, and productive life, it might be a good time to consider ReStor IOLs from Vision Center of New York. These intraocular lens implants from ReStor are a safe and highly effective solution for restoring not only your distance vision, but unlike some other IOLs, they also improve your near and intermediate vision, making them truly multifocal. Our Bay Plaza ophthalmologist is pleased to offer this fantastic option that will allow you to do all of the things you have been missing out on because of cataracts.

Cataract Surgeon Bay Plaza

Cataract Surgeon Bay Plaza

An intraocular lens is made of plastic or glass and is permanently implanted into your eye during cataract surgery by our Bay Plaza ophthalmologist. An IOL replaces your natural eye lens, which is removed during the course of surgery. Your ReStor IOL acts to give you back your ability to focus, which is not possible naturally once your lens has been taken out. It does this while reducing or even eliminating your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

If you’re wondering if IOLs are new, well yes and no. They have been around for decades, but with ReStor IOLs, you now can achieve the highest level possible of restored vision. All of the little things that you took for granted before your cataracts can once again bring joy to your life, reading, driving, using a computer, golfing, you name it. Our Bay Plaza ophthalmologist makes it a priority to provide you with the most up to date in technological advances to help you see at your absolute best. A clinical study concluded that about 80% of patients were able to see without any need for their glasses six months after receiving ReStor IOLs. An impressive 93% of patients said they would have ReStor intraocular lens implants done again.

Cataracts, caused by a protein buildup in your eyes, causes clouded vision that tends to worsen with time. Over half of cataract diagnoses are in people aged 65 and older. Symptoms such as difficulty driving at night, blurred or foggy vision, problems in perceiving colors, and double vision can indicate that your cataracts are in need of treatment. Call us and schedule an exam with our Bay Plaza ophthalmologist. You need not be subject to the limitations that cataracts can place on your life.

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