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Eye Doctor 10470

Eye Testing in 10470

Your eye health is incredibly important, but unfortunately many people tend to overlook their eye health. Individuals of all ages and medical histories should visit their eye doctor on a fairly regular basis and we here at Vision Center of New York can provide you with an eye doctor in the 10470 area. Our eye doctors will help you monitor your eye health, your vision, and will provide you with any treatment necessary should you require it.

Doctors recommend that everyone have their eyes checked about every year or so. While it is important that people who exhibit risk factors, such as having diabetes or having a family medical history of eye disease, visit their eye doctor more often, it is still important that patients of all ages and all kinds still visit the eye doctor regularly. Eye conditions and diseases can happen to anyone and the best way to catch them is to have comprehensive exams conducted on a regular basis. Here at Vision Center of New York, our eye doctors in the 10470 area can help yo monitor your eye health from visit to visit, making it much easier to identify even the smallest changes or developments. Our eye doctors can also help when it comes to eye allergies, eye infections and eye injuries as well. Aside from eye diseases, there are plenty of other common eye ailments that you may need help treating from time to time. Eye allergies can be irritating and debilitating, but treatment can help you control or even eliminate your symptoms. Eye infections can be dangerous, and they can also be mistaken for allergies. But usually an infection can be spotted if you have any discharge, swelling, itchiness, irritation or pain. Injuries are usually easy to spot, whether you sustained a blow to the eye in an accident or have suffered from a cut in your eye due to airborne particles and debris like gravel or an eyelash.

Whether you are experiencing any symptoms or if you just need an eye exam, our eye doctor in the 10470 area can help provide you with the care that you need. If you would like to learn more or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fishman or Dr. Wu, feel free to call us here at Vision Center of New York today.

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