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Co-op City optical store

Co-op Bronx City Eye Doctor

10475 Eye Care

10475 Eye Care

Proper eye care is absolutely necessary so that you can achieve and maintain the best vision that you’re capable of as well as to the early detection and treatment of eye diseases and conditions. At Vision Center of New York, we are dedicated to attentive, thorough, and fully professional service, from your eye exams to getting prescriptions for eyeglasses and contacts and beyond. Our Co-op City optical store is the only place you need to remember when it comes to your eyes. Just a few of the advantages that we offer to you, our valued customer, is having the most advanced equipment in our store for the diagnosis of vision issues and eye conditions. In addition, our staff makes it a point to treat you as the unique individual that you are and not like a number as you might find in many “factory” style chain stores.

Our ophthalmologists are highly trained and experienced, so whether you are here for a routine eye exam or because you’re experiencing symptoms that have brought you here, you can feel assured that our medical approach to eye care will leave you confident in the results. Our Co-op City optical store also accepts a wide variety of payment options, including most major vision insurance plans.

The key to your eye care is getting a yearly complete eye exam. It is our goal to be comprehensive and so for your first eye exam at our Co-op City optical store. As such, we will ask you to come in with a list of your current medications (including dosage and frequency of use), any corrective lenses that you’re using, your health insurance information, primary care physician approval if your insurance requires it, and the results of previous eye exams, if possible. Because we will need to dilate your eyes for the exam, you should either bring someone to drive you home after or allow extra time for the effects of the eyedrops to wear off.

If you notice anything unusual with your eyes, from dryness to excessive tearing; pain to blurriness, you should never hesitate to call us and schedule a visit. Our Co-op City optical store is here for you when you need us.

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