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Bronx Glaucoma Doctor

Glaucoma eye care in Bronx

Bronx glaucoma doctor

Bronx glaucoma doctor

When the pressure inside your eye increases to a point where it is unsafe, you have the disease known as glaucoma, which can affect you at any age, regardless of medical history or heredity. And since there are no obvious symptoms in the early stages to alert you to its presence, it is a good idea to come in to us at Vision Center of New York once per year for a screening. If glaucoma is allowed to progress to an advanced stage, your vision can be at risk and you could suffer damage to your eyes. Our Bronx glaucoma doctor will diagnose you and discuss treatment options.

The root cause of glaucoma is the imbalance between the amount of eye fluid produced and the amount drained. Ordinarily, the fluid circulates through your eye and then drains without any complications. But when the process is hindered, the fluid builds up, and this leads to the increase in pressure. Less frequently, glaucoma can be brought on from chemical contamination, an eye injury, inflammation, or infection. Although both eyes are normally affected by the disease, one can be more so than the other. When symptoms do appear, they generally will include loss of vision, haziness in your eye, tunnel vision, and nausea or vomiting, particularly with one or more of the other listed signs. Our Bronx glaucoma doctor will do a thorough exam and take tests, including tonometry, which measures the level of pressure in your eyes. If a positive diagnosis is confirmed, treatments will be considered. Among them are special eye drops that reduce the amount of fluid created; laser surgery to improve the efficiency of drainage; and microsurgery to create an entirely new channel from which the fluid can drain.

If you have not been screened within the last year, or you are experiencing any symptoms, call us to arrange an appointment with our Bronx glaucoma doctor.

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