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Eye Test Bronx NY

Eye health exams in Bronx NY

Eye test Bronx NY

Eye test Bronx NY

An eye test Bronx NY will not only reveal the state of your eyes in terms of your visual acuity, as well as detect many serious eye ailments but can also help in the early diagnosis of some serious disorders developing in other organs of the body. Through an annual comprehensive eye examination our doctors at Vision Center of New York can not only diagnose eye disorders at an early stage when treatment is most effective but also look for telltale signs of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease and even some cancers.

An eye test Bronx NY will evaluate your overall health by looking for subtle, or not so subtle changes in your eyes. For instance, using the latest diagnostic equipment and technology our eye doctors will look for leaks in the small blood vessels of the retina, if there is blood or a yellowish fluid this indicates a condition named diabetic retinopathy, which is caused by diabetes. If the blood vessels of the eye show bends, kinks or tears this could signal that the person has high blood pressure. A cornea with a yellow ring around it or a yellowish appearance may be revealing a case of high cholesterol – the same is true for plaque in the blood vessels of the retina. An inflamed eye is a possible indication of Lupus or other autoimmune disorders. If our eye doctor sees bulging eyes or protruding eyeballs on one of our patients, it is possible that he/she is suffering from a condition known as Graves Disease, which is a disorder of the thyroid.

During an eye test Bronx NY our doctors will look for unusual structures in your eyes, which can be a sign of ocular melanoma, or other forms of skin cancer. Similarly, droopy eyelids or irregularly shaped pupils could be an indication of a neck tumor or possible aneurism. While these symptoms don’t necessarily mean the presence of serious illness in all patients a comprehensive eye exam can help detect the presence of these early warning signs and the need for further evaluation by other medical specialists outside our practice. Why not make an appointment with our eye care team today.

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