Eye Health Care in Bronx NY

Eye health exams in Bronx NY

Eye health care in Bronx NY

Eye health care in Bronx NY

Eye health care in Bronx NY exams are the best way to protect your eyes from disease and to make sure that they are bringing you the sharpest information about the world and the people and places in it that you cherish most. An annual comprehensive eye examination at Vision Center of New York can help each member of your family see in the clearest vision and remain free from eye disease.

Eye health care in Bronx NY examinations are a way to measure vision and prescribe corrective lenses if necessary, but a comprehensive eye exam at our office is so much more. The human eye is subject to many diseases and disorders that can develop overtime. You may not feel or see anything out of the ordinary now but many serious eye problems take a long time to develop to the point that you begin to notice a problem. Eye disease, such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, presbyopia and others can develop with no symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage when treatment options are limited and less effective. Comprehensive eye exams can diagnose these ailments when they are still in an early stage of development and the treatment options are more effective. An eye exam can also help spot some diseases that aren’t usually thought of as being associated with the eyes but have tell-tale signs that should be picked up during a comprehensive eye exam at our office. Conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and Graves Disease, which effects the thyroid gland can manifest themselves during an eye exam giving you warning that more medical testing needs to be done by your primary care doctor.

Our eye health care in Bronx NY practice doctors are experts in refractory surgery to alleviate vision problems as well as treat any progressive eye diseases. Our practice uses the latest equipment and technology including computerized and digital imaging tests to ensure that your family’s eyes stay in tip-top condition. So bring your family into our office for an eye exam.

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